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  • Stable BMS system with short-circuit protection ,over-charge protection ,over-discharge protection and over-current protection fuctions .

  • With at least More than 1000times cycle life

  • It can run well under different  temperature environment condition

  • No memory effects.

  • Suitable for electric bicycle ,electric bike etc .

  • Full capacity battery, 100% quality testing

  • Long cycle life and high energy density

  • Capacity, resistance, Voltage, platform time consistency is good

  • Factory price and fast delivery

  • Light weight, small size

1Nominal Voltage48V 3.7V
2Rated CapacityTypical13.4AhStandard discharge0.2C) after Standard charge0.2C)
3Charging Voltage 54.6V
4Charging Mode
C.C/C.V.Constant Current
    /Constant Voltage
5Voltage at end of Discharge32.5VDischarge Cut-off Voltage
6Rated Charge Current3ACharging Current 3A
7Maximum Continuous Charge Current
10ANot more then 3hour
8Internal Impedance150mΩ
9Rated Discharge Current10ADischarging Current 10 A
10Maximum Continuous Discharge Current
20ANot more then 1hour
11Overcharge Voltage4.25±0.05V /CellSingle cell voltage
12Over Discharge Cut Off Voltage2.5±0.08V /CelSingle cell voltage
13Over Current 60±10A 500±300mS
14Short Circuit       Detection condition         Exterior short circuit

         Release condition       Cut   short circuit
15Operating Consumption   ≤50uA
16Cell balance Current/
17Bleed Start Point/
18Operation Temperature  Charge: 0~45℃     Discharge:-10~60℃ 60±25%R.H. Bare Cell
19Operation Temperature 

20Storage Temperature   Less than 1 year: -20~25℃60±25%R.H. at the shipment state 
less than 3 months: -20~40℃
Less than 7 day : -20~65℃
21Connection Type13S4P
23The factory voltage48V-52V
24Cycle LifeCarry out 400~500cycleHigher than 80% of the Initial Capacities of   the Cells